New Bosch MAGIC TOUR mode – a progressive mode with increased range and improved responsiveness, for Moustache only?

Together with Moustache, Bosch have developed a new support mode for their Bosch Performance Line CX motor, which they’ve dubbed MAGIC TOUR. Similar to the proven eMTB mode, it is progressive, regulating the motor’s output depending on the rider’s input. It promises to be more efficient and responsive while also increasing your range significantly on long rides. We’ve got all the details.

The progressive eMTB mode of the current Bosch Performance Line CX motors is the best of its kind. It dynamically regulates the motor’s assistance depending on the rider’s requirements and is characterised by its gentle and controlled response. Nevertheless, many eMTBers forego this dynamic mode, favouring the less powerful TOUR or ECO modes on longer rides. While the motor can’t unleash its full power in the lower support levels, it’s therefore much more economical, sparing the battery and achieving longer ranges.

Enter the MAGIC TOUR mode, the little sibling of eMTB mode.
Partners for many years: Moustache and Bosch. Now, they’re taking their partnership to the next level, co-creating a progressive mode for touring riders.

The eMTB experts at Moustache have recognised the gap, leveraging their long-term partnership with Bosch eBike Systems to combine the adaptive eMTB mode with TOUR mode’s lower energy consumption. From the 8th of February, all Moustache e-bikes will roll off the assembly line with MAGIC TOUR mode pre-installed. In flat terrain, when you need minimal support, the new mode is said to be super economical while offering very natural-feeling, inconspicuous assistance. If you’re approaching a steep climb or want to accelerate to get the e-bike up to the 25 km/h limit, you will no longer have to switch between modes. The new mode is supposed to recognise the rider’s input, automatically cranking up the assistance. In MAGIC TOUR mode, as in TURBO or eMTB mode, e-bikers can call up the motor’s full support, though doing so requires sufficient physical input.

Just as the dynamic eMTB mode has replaced SPORT mode, MAGIC TOUR mode is intended to replace the previous TOUR mode. As you can see on the graph, MAGIC TOUR mode can reach full power, just as eMTB mode. However, it requires more effort from the rider.

The team at Moustache says that, on average, the new MAGIC TOUR mode makes their batteries last 15% to 25% longer compared to eMTB mode, even outperforming the previous TOUR mode by a few per cent. ECO mode continues to offer the longest range.

Will all existing Moustache e-bike owners soon be able to enjoy more range?

MAGIC TOUR mode replaces the old TOUR mode on all of Moustache’s Bosch Performance Line CX equipped e-bikes. The new mode will continue to be indicated as TOUR mode, though performing with a touch of Moustache magic. All Moustache bikes from seasons 9 and 10 featuring the 4th generation Bosch Performance Line CX motor can have the software update installed at their dealers.

Is the new MAGIC TOUR mode only available for Moustache e-bikes?1

No! While Moustache developed MAGIC TOUR together with Bosch and it will be called MAGIC TOUR on Moustache’s e-bikes, other brands will also have the opportunity to offer their customers the new progressive support mode. It is also likely to replace the existing TOUR mode on Bosch equipped e-bikes from other brands, though reserved for the Performance Line CX range with the smart eMTB mode.Trek are offering their customers the so-called eMTB Lite mode as a replacement for the TOUR mode. They also developed their “light” eMTB mode in partnership with Bosch, and it too offers progressive assistance. The difference lies in the maximum support, as Trek’s eMTB Lite mode only assists with up to 250 % of your own effort, decreasing with an increasing cadence of over 45 revolutions per minute. All models from the Rail, Powerfly and Powerfly FS series with the latest Bosch Performance Line CX motor can have the mode installed via a software update.
Suppose you want to adapt the settings to suit your own needs. In that case, Bosch still require you to purchase the premium “Individual riding modes” function for the Nyon display, which allows you to configure four additional modes using speed-dependent reference points. As such, end-user adjustability remains limited. Bosch also remain firm in their stance to bar riders from fine-tuning existing modes such as the eMTB or the new MAGIC TOUR mode.

Now with up to 25% more magic: According to French brand Moustache, their new MAGIC TOUR mode will save Bosch driven bikes between 15 – 25% battery life compared to eMTB mode.

We’ve been fans of Bosch’s progressive eMTB mode since day one, and we can’t wait to put MAGIC TOUR mode to the test. Only then can we tell if it really is magic and whether it delivers on its promises. The fact is that Moustache were also involved in the development of the smart eMTB mode, which is yet to be beaten. With that in mind, our expectations are high.

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Words: Rudolf Fischer Photos: Moustache, Robin Schmitt

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