2021 Yamaha YDX Moro eMTB – The first complete full suspension eMTB from Yamaha

With the 2021 YDX Moro, the Yamaha Motor Corporation USA launch their first complete full-suspension eMTB, here to give the competition a run for their money with the Yamaha PWX-2 motor, a 500 Wh battery, 160 mm travel and 27.5″ wheels. We’ve got all the details!

Apart from the Yamaha Motor Corporation USA (YMUS), motor manufacturers have been reluctant to bring complete ebikes to market – and for good reason. Designing and building a good eMTB requires a lot of know-how and many other specialist skills. However, YMUS already had a small range of rather basic-looking leisure ebikes in their portfolio, powered by Yamaha motors of course. With the Yamaha YDX Moro and the Yamaha YDX Moro Pro, the company has now presented two models intended to stir up the performance market. Probably reserved only for the USA – it is unclear at this point whether the bikes will also be available outside of the United States.

The Yamaha YDX Moro models are US category 1 ebikes, which means they offer support up to 20 miles per hour thanks to the current Yamaha PW-X2 motor. The latest Yamaha PW-X2 motor was introduced about a year ago, offering more support at a higher cadence than its predecessor, with more sensors and an automatic support mode. Check out our big motor group test for all the details and information about its ride feel and performance.

The Yamaha YDX Moro eMTB in detail

At first glance, it’s immediately apparent that YMUS have come up with some innovative features for the YDX Moro. The aluminium frame with its patent-pending „Dual Twin frame“ design features a split top and down tube with both the shock and the battery being semi-integrated. According to YMUS, this unique design promises to offer advantages in terms of stiffness, overstand height and weight. Indeed, the bike certainly looks very long and low. However, only real-world tests will reveal how these features affect the bike’s handling characteristics. We’re definitely excited to find out!

When it comes to battery capacity, more isn’t necessarily better – those who’ve read our article on battery concepts will know. That might also be the case with the Yamaha YDX Moro. Compared to the competition, the 500 Wh battery seems small, but depending on how it is used, this can be more than sufficient and, if used correctly, can even offer advantages. Case in point: the current 2020 Lapierre Overvolt GLP 2 Team also “only” comes with a 500 Wh battery, although there’s a 625 Wh battery available from Bosch.

In addition to the innovative approach to battery integration in the down tube, the upward positioning of the motor in the frame is also noticeable. This gives developers more freedom in the design of the rear suspension, but elevates the centre of gravity of the bike because the battery has to move further up.

Features, spec, pricing and availability of the Yamaha YDX Moro and YDX Moro Pro

In their first announcement, YMUS did not release any exact information on spec and pricing. However, we can now tell you that the ebikes will be equipped with RockShox suspension, a Shimano drivetrain and Magura brakes. The new YDX-MORO will be available in desert yellow and retail for $4499. It comes specced with a RockShox Revelation RC fork and Deluxe Select+ shock. A Shimano SLX 11-speed drivetrain takes care of the shifting and stopping power is provided by Magura’s MT30 brakes.

The YDX Moro Pro model gets upgraded to a RockShox Yari RC fork, Super Deluxe Select+ rear shock. An 11-46t Shimano XT 11-speed drivetrain and Magura MT30 brakes finish of the build. The YDX-MORO Pro will come in podium blue/nickel finish and retail at $5499. We assume that the availability will also be communicated in August, which will most likely be reserved for the US market.

More infos:

The YDX-MORO Pro in podium blue/nickel
The all-new Yamaha YDX-MORO in desert yellow

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Words: Robin Schmitt Photos: Yamaha

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