Issue #019 Review

JetWet Portable Pressure Washer in review – the ultimate cycling accessory?

Life is full of opportunities when seizing the moment can be the difference between struggle and success. A perfect example of this is cleaning our bikes after a ride. Get in quick and mud and grime simply washes away. Let it dry however, and that same mud stubbornly refuses to disappear.

If you regularly drive to get to your trails, especially if you load the bikes into the back of your car or van, you will understand the mess dirty bikes can make. A portable pressure washer allows you to clean your bike before you’ve even left the car park. Scotland-based Trev is something of a mud guru, so was well placed to put the latest JetWet through its paces.

With a 10 L capacity delivered over a 5 minute spray time, you can get two bikes immaculate.
Rugged, functional and outrageously practical, every winter rider should have one.
The metal spray gun is rugged and easy to use. You simply twist the nozzle to choose between fine and diffuse sprays.

Uniquely, the JetWet portable washer features an all-in-one soft-bag design that is easier to stow in your car boot than bulkier hard-plastic options. Inside the bag is a 10L water bladder-like reservoir and a rechargeable 2200 mAh Lead-acid battery, with an additional 12 V car plug. Delivering an adjustable spray pattern, it has a flow rate of around 2L / min gives around a 4–5 minute wash time from each full reservoir – just about sufficient to clean two bikes. The 2.5–6 bar delivery pressure of the unit is well suited to eMTBs and mountain bikes. Using the more diffused spray we could remove even stubborn dirt without fear it was going to ruin bearings. The 3 m flexible hose has proven durable even after being stood on frequently. We were impressed by the 26 minute total run time of the internal rechargeable battery, especially given the short 90 minute recharge time. If you do forget to recharge the washer there is a 12v power adaptor stashed in the bottom and a 3m cord so you can wash your bike at a safe distance from your car. This is great if you have an extra source of water and a whole group of dirty bikes to wash. The two grab handles make it easy to move and it also has a shoulder strap for longer carries.

Compared to the similarly proportioned Karcher OC3 the JetWet is more powerful, more adjustable and carries more water. After testing all of the competition and being disappointed, Trev is also happy to conclude that the JetWet is currently the best all-in-one option on the market and is more ruggedly built than more expensive options from Mobi and Aqua2Go. The spray gun features metal parts for durability and is in a different league to the fragile plastic offerings of the competition. We have had two devices on test: pre-production and a second-generation model and after over 50 uses each, both are still going strong. We experienced a hose clamp work lose on the first model, however this has not happened again on the updated version and in any case was a quick fix for our testers. Despite living in the back of a van and being chucked around many car parks the JetWet has proven highly durable with minimal scuffs and marks on the tough nylon bag.

Arriving home with clean bikes is a total game-changer for winter riders and there are few products that have proven so versatile to our test team. Compact enough to keep in the boot of a car, or at work if you’re a commuter. The JetWet is outrageously useful, very affordable and a must have for wet-weather riders.


  • the ultimate accessory for year-round riders
  • enough water and battery capacity for two bikes
  • 12V battery backup


  • nothing, it ticks all the boxes

Tester: Trev
Duration: 12 months
Price: € 89.95

Weight: 5.6 kg
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Words & Photos: Trev Worsey