Update: Jeep introduce their new e-Bike featuring a BAFANG motor – another Groundhog Day?

That was the most exciting Super Bowl ever! We have no idea who won, and we don’t really care either, as we’re much more interested in the Jeep ad that was screened during the game, introducing their first eMTB. Equipped with a BAFANG motor, the new e-fatbike should be available from June 2020. We’ve got all the latest details.

The Super Bowl: 150 million viewers, $ 300 million advertising budget. One of the largest stages in the world and here is Jeep, nonchalantly teasing their new eMTB. Bill Murray himself was cast in an alternative version of “Groundhog Day” to advertise the new Jeep Gladiator pickup. Unlike the original movie, the days here aren’t all the same – all thanks to the Jeep! But we want to talk about Jeep’s new e-Bike, which featured in the ad only briefly but very prominently.

The details of Jeep’s new e-Bike

The final specs haven’t been officially released yet, but the clip has been uploaded to YouTube and besides garnering over 50 million clicks so far (as of 10. Feb 2020), they’ve included a link to the official site with some basic information. However, we’re still waiting for a detailed spec sheet. What we do know is that the bike was developed by QuietKat and is currently receiving its finishing touches. So, we went directly to the source for more info. QuietKat’s answer: “The technical specs are very similar to the QuietKat RidgeRunner!” Accordingly, the bike features a BAFANG M620 motor, as you can see in the pictures. With a nominal power output of 750 W, the motor, unfortunately, exceeds the maximum output of 250 W permitted in the EU. However, they could use BAFANG’s M500 motor for the European market, which we briefly presented in our coverage of the 2019 Eurobike. The bike rolls on 4.8” wide fat bike tires, which should help it perform even in extreme conditions such as snow. We should have more detailed information on the componentry by June at the latest when the bikes are officially expected to go on sale. Jeep have promised to release more details soon.


QuietKat, the manufacturer of the new Jeep e-bike, has now given us more information. The Jeep e-bike is now available for $ 5,899 and can be delivered in June 2020. Due to its motorisation with a 750 W strong BAFANG M620 engine, the Jeep e-bike does not comply with EU regulations. The equipped thumb throttle grip also classifies the bike legally as a small motorcycle and no longer as a bicycle.

Motor BAFANG M620 with 750 W and 160 Nm – not approved in the EU
Battery no info
Fork RST Air Suspension 150mm
Shock RockShox Monarch RL 120mm
Brakes hydraulic 4-pot brakes 203 mm
Drivetrain Manufacturer not named 1×10
Reifen CTS Roly Poly Fat Tires 26 x 4.8″
Size 17″ and 19″

Not official, though clearly recognisable is the BAFANG M620 motor with either 750 or 1,000 W and 160 Nm – not approved in the EU

Accessories from QuietKat

Trailers, luggage racks, bags, lights and fenders are compatible.

Standout features

In the USA, the Jeep e-bike meets the Electric Bike Laws of class 1: 750W / 20mph max, pedal activated only and class 2: 750W / 20mph max, throttle activated only.

Colorado-based ebike brand QuietKat is aimed at hunters and outdoor enthusiasts who want to be able to travel quickly yet relatively quietly over rough terrain. An interesting fact for hunters: the trace of smells you leave behind is supposedly less if you travel by bike rather than on foot. QuietKat also offer a wide range of bags and trailers that you can use to carry hunting, fishing or camping gear. This harmonises well with Jeep’s image because both brands are closely associated with nature, adventure and, above all, extreme off-road capabilities.

Monster truck? High-performance motor and fat 4.8” tires.

If you want to take a quick look at the bike or watch the Super Bowl advert (after all, it’s the first and, according to him, also the last commercial featuring Bill Murray), click on the following video. If you’re only interested in the bike, fast forward to approx. 39 seconds in or get more information and photos here.

Our opinion on the new Jeep e-Bike

Groundhog day? Unfortunately, in this case yes, because it looks as if Jeep – like many automotive brands before them – have bought into the ebike market without really putting their own know-how into the development of the new Jeep e-Bike. But, with its 4.8” fat bike tires, the Jeep e-Bike serves a niche that could be interesting for nature enthusiasts and adventurers. We don’t know whether the bike will ever make it to the EU since QuietKat is primarily aimed at the US market and with a nominal output of 750 W, the BAFANG M620 motor isn’t approved in the EU. Jeep promised to release more information soon that will hopefully answer some of the questions we still have. The new e-fatbike is officially due to go on sale in June 2020.

A few basic details and pictures are available on the official Jeep e-Bike website. For more information on QuietKat visit

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Words: Robin Wormer, Manne Schmitt Photos: Jeep PR