We know that eMTB is a healthy addiction for the body and mind, a leisure pursuit that brings us together as equals. It can fill the gaps when time is short, or extend our horizons if we seek space. As adventurous parents, we want that addiction for our kids too, for them to follow in our footsteps, to love what we love.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that we will do everything we can to encourage our little ones to take up a life on the saddle. However, experience quickly teaches us that our children are unpredictable creatures and that even the most carefully orchestrated parenting plans can quickly unravel if poor choices are made. As e-bikes evolve, new possibilities open up for our family units. However, while we must not lose our hunger for innovation, we must continue to ask ourselves what our kids really need. Currently, not every country permits children under 16 to be in control of an e-bike. Before purchasing, it is best to check the e-bike regulations of your own country.

Are eMTBs bad for our kids?

It’s a valid question. As kids, our generation did just fine without them. However, we didn’t face the sirens call of immersive online computer games, or the addictive grip of social media. The digital world now represents a real threat to any sort of healthy outdoor activity. Trying to lever our kids off the sofa with an enforced ‘arduous bike ride’ may only fuel the rebellion. Suggest an eMTB ride, however, and you will see that flicker of interest turn into effusive enthusiasm. Put any kid on an eMTB and they become superheroes, mountains shrink to molehills and the horizon instantly jumps closer. Suddenly, a family 20km bike ride no longer feels like a fantasy, mid-climb meltdowns become a thing of the past, and now it’s you who will have to work harder to keep up. Imagine the possibilities.

FUN – /fʌn/ – noun
enjoyment, amusement, or light-hearted pleasure, an eMTB

Our kids are natural born thrill-seekers, if it’s fun, they will be crazy for it.

What makes a great kids eMTB for the next generation?

It’s a fact, kids e-bikes have the potential to revolutionise family leisure time, but what is it that our kids really need? As riders, we all know that the correct bike makes all the difference when it comes to maximising smiles on the trail and that extends to kids eMTBs too. However, with so many choices on the market, buying the right bike for your kid can be difficult and mistakes can be expensive.

It’s not easy keeping your kids in the right size shoes, never mind the right size bikes, but for maximum fun, the correct fit is everything.

It can be tempting to buy an eMTB that your child will ‘grow into’ but here’s a warning. A bike that is too big is likely to put them off altogether and force them to take up the dreaded scooter instead, and frankly, nobody wants that. To keep your bank balance as healthy as possible, it’s recommended that you choose the biggest eMTB your child is comfortable with and can manoeuver easily. Doing this will ensure you get the maximum lifespan out of the bike. On the other hand, you must also resist the temptation to run a smaller bike for longer than is optimal. That can hinder your child’s progress and leave them worrying about moving to a bigger eMTB in the future.

When choosing a kids eMTB


  • focus on a lightweight motor and battery concept. Your child is lighter and as family rides will be shorter, your kids don’t need huge battery reserves or a powerful mid-drive motor. Lightweight motors like the FAZUA or even hub drive motors help to keep the overall weight down.
  • look for an eBike that has kids specific components. The best bikes will feature shorter cranks for shorter legs, narrower bars for narrower shoulders and small brake levers and grips for small hands.


  • be fooled by sexy graphics and cool branding, many brands under spec their kids bikes with dated and heavy components, camouflaging poor choices with cool branding.
  • be transfixed on full suspension. While rear suspension can be beneficial if your kid rides bike parks, in most cases a hardtail will be lighter, more durable and ultimately more fun. Rear suspension adds weight and complexity, and often kids will lack the weight to obtain optimal performance from the shock. Think about the riding you do and if a hardtail would suffice.

Our recommendations

There are now many kids eMTBs on the market, but many still use grown-up components on tiny frames. It’s perhaps no surprise that the best kids e-bikes come from brands that specialize in kids regular bikes. Understanding that low weight and confident handling are key qualities, two such brands, Woom and Ben-E-Bike, both deliver a size specific package using lower powered motors with smaller batteries.


An exception to our rule, the Ben-E-Bike TWENTYFOUR-SIX E-POWER FS brings full-suspension comfort with hardtail weight. To keep the weight low and thus ensure good handling, the small German manufacturer relies on a lightweight rear wheel hub motor. The motor feeds off an external bidon-style battery which comes in either 175 Wh or 250 Wh capacities. The battery can be easily removed and allows you to quickly convert the ebike into a conventional mountain bike. Suitable for kids measuring between 140–165 cm and available in two different sizes with either 24″ or 26″ wheels. Parents can reduce the maximum speed of the ebike to keep their kids in check. The special geometry and spec, which were also optimised for kids, rounds off a well thought-out concept, even making it suitable for bike park use!

Motor Brushless DC hub motor, 30 Nm | Battery 175 Wh, 250 Wh | Wheel Size 24”, 26”
Weight 14.0 kg | Price from € 2,899 | Manufacturer website

Woom UP E-Mountainbike

The Austrian brand Woom needs little introduction, their kids bikes can be seen daily in parks and school runs all around the world. The aluminium framed bike is available in two sizes, suitable for kids from 128 – 165 cm, and uses the lightweight FAZUA motor combined with a 250 Wh battery. The FAZUA app allows you to customise each of the three support modes of the motor to stop your kid shooting off to the horizon, and the motor and battery can be removed to transform the Woom E-Mountain bike into a regular bike for flatter trails and short rides. 130 mm (on the smallest frame size) cranks are short enough for kids legs, and the brakes and grips have been optimised for smaller hands. Thanks to the child-friendly componentry and the lightweight FAZUA motor, the Woom is tailor-made for the needs of adventurous kids.

Motor FAZUA Evation, 55 Nm | Battery 250 Wh | Sizes 5, 6
Weight 16.5 kg | Price from € 2,800 | Manufacturer website

Good kids’ eMTBs are expensive, but no other investment will bring you so many smiles and adventures. A gift of an eMTB will not only result in an excitement meltdown, but also bring your family closer together. The legal situation differs from country to country. Where are children allowed to ride e-bikes and where are there age restrictions? We have all the information you need in a separate article.

The role of eMTBs and the potential for where they can be used are changing rapidly. We offer fresh impetus to that change while helping to maintain a clear overview. One thing is for sure: the future of the eMTB is more exciting than ever before! Our E-MOUNTAINBIKE Theory of Evolution provides context for this and all other articles in our New Generation series, providing new perspectives and broadening the horizon of what’s ahead.

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Words: Photos: Robin Schmitt, Valentin Rühl