With the MULA, Italian bike brand Fulgur Cycles have released a full suspension eMTB featuring a carbon frame and the brand new Polini E-P3 MX motor that produces 90 Nm torque. We took a closer look at the first MULA to come out of the factory.

Fulgur MULA | Polini motor E-P3 MX/ 500 Wh | 170/160 mm (f/r) | 29″/27.5″ | € 6,700–€ 8,900 | Manufacturer’s website

Italian bicycle brand Fulgur Cycles, located north of Milan, previously used the Shimano STEPS E8000 motor for their eMTBs. On their new full-sus eMTB, the MULA, Fulgur have now placed their bets on the 90 Nm Polini E-P3 MX motor that was presented at EUROBIKE last year. Better known as a manufacturer of mini motorbikes and motorcycle parts, Polini are based in Bergamo. The MULA rolls on mixed wheel sizes with a 29″ wheel up front and a 27.5″ wheel on the rear. The carbon rims and full carbon frame are both manufactured by Fulgur near their headquarters. The bike will be available in frame sizes S, M and L and comes with a 500 Wh battery. Fulgur claim that the size M shown here weighs just 20.6 kg (without pedals).

The bike’s components and colour scheme can be individually configured by the customer. Accordingly, the price varies between € 6,700 and € 8,900.

Fulgur equip the MULA with Öhlins suspension, as you’ll have seen on various Specialized Levo models in the past. The Öhlins RXF36 M.2 fork offers 170 mm travel at the front and an Öhlins TTX18 shock controls 160 mm travel at the rear. Fulgur have the suspension setup fine-tuned by Italian suspension specialist Andreani.

The 160 mm travel at the rear is controlled by an Öhlins TTX18 shock

Brand new Polini E-P3 MX motor at the heard of the Fulgur MULA

The new Polini motor is based on the previous E-P3 model and has the same dimensions and mounting interface, allowing bike manufacturers can stick with existing frame designs. The torque output of the new motor has been increased from 70 Nm to 90 Nm and its power should now be available even at lower cadences. The display, which also functions as the remote, looks promising. We’ll have to test it to see what the ergonomics are like and whether it’s intuitive to use. The small Italian bike brand is the first to rely on the new motor.

The new Polini E-P3 MX can compete with the current Bosch CX and the new Shimano EP8. In our opinion, it’s more powerful even than these two motors. – Fulvio Canadelli (owner of Fulgur)

The weight of the motor is claimed to be 2.98 kg
The minimalist display also functions as the remote, allowing you to scroll through five support levels
The battery level is indicated as a percentage
The fully integrated 500 Wh battery can be removed out of the top of the down tube. In addition to the display, the battery level is also indicated on the battery itself.
The charging socket is located at the lower end of the battery cover and well-protected from dirt
Fulvio Canadelli prioritised stiffness in the frame design. That’s why he decided to place the opening for the battery on top of the down tube.
Chainstay protector? Instead of the usual rubber pad, Fulgur rely on a transparent film to protect the chainstay. It may protect the frame, but it won’t dampen the noise of the chain.
The Cura 2 brakes are supplied by Formula and keep the speed of the front…
…and back wheel in check.
A 10–46 t SunRace cassette is combined with a SRAM GX derailleur
A spoke magnet is a bit out of place on a modern ebike

The geometry of the Fulgur MULA

Size S M L
Top tube 590 mm 610 mm 630 mm
Seat tube 406 mm 457 mm 508 mm
Head tube 100 mm 110 mm 120 mm
Head angle 64° 64° 64°
Seat angle 75.5° 75.5° 75.5°
BB Drop 20 mm 20 mm 20 mm
Wheelsize 1,215 mm 1,238 mm 1,268 mm
Reach 425 mm 450 mm 476 mm

Matteo Baruffi’s race-spec

We had the opportunity to take a closer look at the MULA at the very first EWS-E race held at the Enduro World Series in Zermatt. As such, we’re able to show you the team’s race-spec Fulgur MULA.

18-year-old Matteo Baruffi is part of the Fulgur Factory Team. Matteo competed in the EWS-E100 race at the premiere of the EWS-E series in Zermatt. He finished in a remarkable albeit ungrateful 4th place after six stages aboard the new Fulgur MULA.

Which pedals do you ride?

While a lot of eMTBers use platform pedals, almost all racers rely on clipless systems. We delve into their respective pros and cons in our look at the best pedal system for your eMTB.

Tire choice

Tires are a huge issue. A thicker casing is heavier but also more puncture resistant. We took a close look at the best eMTB tire and the most important models on the market to help you choose the best eMTB tire to suit your needs. Matteo relied on Michelin’s E-Wild Enduro on the rear, both during practice and the race, running it at 1.8 bar. The front wheel was fitted with a Michelin Wild Enduro Magi-X during training and a Michelin DH for the race, inflated to 1.6 bar.

What are the benefits of tire inserts?

To minimise the risk of punctures, Matteo relies on tire inserts, though some racers prefer just using tires with thicker casings. A tire insert is a foam ring that acts as a buffer between the rim and the tire in the event of heavy impacts. The carbon rims are hand-built by Fulgur.


Small Italian bike brand Fulgur Cycles are the first and currently only manufacturer to rely on the new Polini motor. With the fourth-fastest time on the uphill stage of the E-EWS in Zermatt and fourth place overall, Matteo Baruffi was able to show that the bike and the new Polini E-P3 MX motor are capable of delivering in a race. We’re excited to see how the motor in the Fulgur MULA performs and whether it really can compete with the new Shimano EP8, the Bosch Performance Line CX and the Brose Drive S-Mag.

For more information head to fulgurcycles.it

Fulvio Canadelli is visibly proud of his newest product, the Fulgur MULA. A light eMTB that he designed for more than just enduro racing. We hope to see the Fulgur MULA in our test fleet as soon as possible.

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Words & Photos: Manne Schmitt

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