The Stuttgart based bike brand FOCUS Bikes are one of the first to announce their 2020 bikes equipped with the brand new Bosch Performance Line CX 2020 motor. FOCUS are launching 21 models, which are all conceived as allrounders and as the “people’s eMTBs”. You can find all the key details and a model overview here.

If you’ve ever wondered about the superscript number designation of the FOCUS model names, we can clarify things for you now: SQUARED is what FOCUS calls all their ebikes, as they are intended to multiply your riding fun. The same applies to the increased quantity of trails you’ll be able to cover in the same time and with the same effort when riding with assistance.

Aside from the FOCUS RAVEN2, which is powered by a FAZUA Evation drive, up until now FOCUS have relied on the Shimano STEPS E8000 motor and have offered a truly unique feature in the form of their modular T.E.C. Pack battery system. That remains the case, but for 2020, FOCUS Bikes are expanding their range, offering existing models with the new Bosch motors as an option, as well as launching new models. In the case of the THRON² it’s actually a re-launch as the bike existed in 2014 but at the time was equipped with FOCUS’ in-house Impulse-II Sport motor. With the powerful but sensitive Bosch Performance CX 2020 motor, FOCUS want to target new groups and riders. The motor offers excellent performance on the trail with 75 Nm torque and an easily removable 625 Wh battery. The latter was an especially important factor, as the fixed battery of the Shimano equipped models hasn’t been a viable option for bikers who need to be able to remove it.

Before we talk about the specific details of the individual models, you’ll find an overview of the design goals and technologies featured across the new range of FOCUS bikes.

As stated, the new Bosch bikes are supposed to be the “people’s eMTBs” in FOCUS’ portfolio. That means all models have an aluminium frame, modern geometries, smart designs and affordable prices that range between € 2,799 and € 4,899. This approach is emphasised in FOCUS’ new “E is for everyone” marketing campaign.

Design Language

„To create a modern and clean design, our surfaces continue uninterrupted for as long as possible. FOCUS’ typical straight lines with a slight bend at the top underline the dynamic and sporty nature of our bikes.“ – Daniel Frintz

EQP – more than just mountain bikes?

The EQP abbreviation stands for “Equipped” and denotes FOCUS’ new SUV models, which will be based on the THRON² full-suspension and JARIFA2 hardtail platforms (the latter will be offered as a separate model called the AVENTURA2). The EQP models come with luggage racks, mudguards, bike stand and lights.

Integrated spoke magnet

All models will replace Bosch’s standard spoke magnet with one on the disc rotor and a speed sensor that is integrated into the rear dropouts making the system more reliable.

On the following pages you’ll find all models in detail: