The Swiss company FLYER, previously known for its pioneering role in the street orientated e-bike market presented three new e-mtbs for 2015 all at once. With the Goroc, the Uproc 3 and Uproc 6 FLYER has the range from hardtail to fully grown enduro machine covered. The Uproc 6 equipped with 160mm travel and two different wheel sizes looks the most interesting and should offer maximum trail fun. We have already been able to get a good first impression of the bike during a few test rides.

Update (November 2015)

This test is based on the 2015 model. In the meantime, a lot has happened on the market and the manufacturers have introduced new bikes for the 2016 season. Head over to the E-Mountainbike review of the FLYER Uproc6 8.90 2016

Mit der durchgehenden Linie von Sattelstreben und Oberrohr wirkt das Rahmendesign des FLYER Uproc sehr stimmig
With a continuous line from the seat stays to the top tube the design of the FLYER Uproc is very harmonious

The Uproc6 will be available in several specs, we tested the Uproc6 8.9 – the best equipped of the range. And with its downhill optimised parts it really is quite impressive. If the proven RockShox Pike fork and top functioning RockShox Monarch Plus rear shock don’t show which terrain the bike is aimed at the Shimano Saint brakes fitted with cooling fins should make it clear that FLYER is serious about when they talk about downhill specific parts.

Die bissigen und äußerst standfesten Shimano Saint sorgen für lange und steile Abfahrten ohne störendes Fading
The powerful and exceptional reliable Shimano Saint brakes ensure long and steep descents are never plagued by fading brakes

The hydraulic RockShox Reverb Stealth dropper post fits in perfectly just like the intelligently configured cable routing. This gives the bike a tidy, clean look. We also liked the additional motor protection made of impact resistant plastic, which protects the drive unit from flying debris and grounding out on rocks. Even if you manage to damage the cover it is easy to replace.

Durchdachte Kabeldurchführungen ermöglichen eine aufgeräumte Optik und begrenzen nerviges Klappern und Scheuerstellen auf ein Minimum
Well executed cable routing allows for a clean look and minimizes both annoying cable clatter and paint rub
Brems- und Schalthebel sowie der Betätigungsknopf für die Sattelstütze sind am Lenker gut erreichbar und ergonomisch angenehm positioniert
Brake and gear levers as well as the seatpost remote are easy to reach and ergonomically positioned on the bars

The bike is powered by the 250 W Bosch Performance Motor (in Switzerland it is also available with a 350 W version). This has been a convincing system on every test bike with its reliability and balanced power delivery, only when the drive starts and stops is a slight stutter perceptible through the pedals. The battery offers 400 Wh which is the usual capacity for e-mtbs.

The Uproc can be specced either with the standard Bosch display unit or the new Nyon version. Our test bike had the Nyon which boasts a comprehensive range of functions from navigation software to the display of power, altitude profile and smartphone connections.

Das neue Bosch Nyon Display punktet mit großem Funktionsumfang und einer übersichtlichen Darstellung. Ein ausführlicher Testbericht folgt!
The new Bosch Nyon Display excited us with a big range of functions and clear layout. A full report is coming!

On the trail you immediately feel that FLYER didn’t just make the spec downhill ready: the geometry and rear suspension characteristics are also really well executed.
The low and central centre of gravity combined with a slack 66° head angle allow very good control of the bike. Even on rough and very fast trails the Uproc feels supremely confident. The bike can be powered through the berms with pressure over the front end and it tackles jumps and technically challenging trails with bravour.

Der flache Lenkwinkel und das größere Vorderrad geben viel Stabilität bei Highspeedabfahrten
The slack head angle and bigger front wheel give the bike plenty of stability on high speed descents

Whilst at the front a 650b wheel is fitted for improved roll-over characteristics the rear wheel is 26” in order to allow a short 448mm chainstay length. As a result the bike is easy to get onto the back wheel and overall has playful, agile and fun handling.
In addition the swingarm pivot point is integrated into the motor housing allowing a compact geometry. By using a relatively high pivot point and and elevated chainstays FLYER has been able to realise a direct chainline. The drawback of this that when the suspension is almost fully compressed a slightly noticeable amount of chain growth can be felt but this is within the acceptable range.

Durch den im Motorgehäuse integrierten Umlenkpunkt uns das kleine Hinterrad konnte eine Kettenstrebenlänge von niedrigen 448 mm realisiert werden
By using a pivot integrated into the motor housing and a smaller rear wheel FLYER were able to use short 448 mm chainstays

We would describe the handling as pleasantly unnoticeable – everything works as it should. The Uproc feels very solid on rough trails. The rear suspension smooths out small bumps and big impacts with equal ability giving the bike a calm feeling.

Zentral und tief im Bike stehend lässt sich das Uproc begeisternd gut kontrollieren
Positioned low and central the rider control on the Uproc is inspirational
Dank der tollen Geometrie mit tiefem Standpunkt im Bike gelingen auch anspruchsvollere Schrägfahrten ohne Probleme
Thanks to the great geometry and low centre of gravity even demanding off-camber trails are never a problem

With the new Uproc6 FLYER has landed a convincing full suspension e-bike debut. The well conceived spec and balanced handling are immediately noticeable. Even after a short test ride the bike’s potential to set new standards in electrically supported enduro riding is clear! You can look forward to our more in detail test of the Uproc6 in the next issue of our magazine.

More info about the Uproc6 and the FLYER E-MTBs:

Text: Tobias Döring Pictures: Christoph Bayer

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