With the HIP BELT double, FIDLOCK aim to combine large storage space, comfort and waterproof protection. We put the hip belt through its paces on trails, roads, eMTBs and gravel bikes. Bring on the water!

FIDLOCK HIP BELT double + bottle 450 | Testers: Erik, Manne & Patrick | Volume: 2,5 l | Weight: 698 g with bottle | Price: € 159,99| Manufacturer’s website

A jersey bag, a storage compartment in the frame, a tool mount – there are now plenty of solutions for carrying your essentials on your after-work rides. But for longer rides or unpredictable weather, you often need more storage space. First thought? A backpack! Second, third and fourth thoughts? Too big, too heavy, too high. Sounds familiar? Then a hip bag might be for you. With the HIP BELT double + bottle 450, FIDLOCK, known for their magnetic fastening systems, have added a hip bag/bottle combination to their range. The aim is to offer a robust, comfortable and waterproof alternative to backpacks. The advantages are obvious: a hip bag sits lower than a backpack, also keeping the centre of gravity lower. This design also allows for better ventilation of the back, making it more comfortable, especially in the summer. It is also easier to access your things while on the move than with a backpack. However, there are a few disadvantages. These include less storage space, the weight being distributed over a smaller area and the lack of a back protector, which some backpacks have.

Despite its volume, the FIDLOCK HIP BELT sits securely on the hips …
… thanks to its well designed belt system and generous padding.

FIDLOCK HIP BELT double – Magically magnetic!

FIDLOCK’s hip bag showcases the company’s proprietary magnetic system. The manufacturer emphasise the user-friendliness and practicality, thanks to the abundance of magnets incorporated into the design. According to FIDLOCK, the waterproof, compressible main compartment has three self-closing rows of magnets and a capacity of 2.5 litres. There are also crossed, flexible straps to hold a rain jacket securely outside the storage compartment. Of course, the HIP BELT also has a magnetic fastener. However, the real highlight of the magnetic hip bag are the two magnetic bottle holders, known as TWIST bases, on the left and right of the HIP BELT, hence the name “double”. There is also a “single” model with only one holder. In both cases, only one TWIST bottle 450 is included, which, as the name suggests, holds 450 ml of liquid. A second bottle costs a whopping € 34.99. Given the equally hefty price of € 159.99 for the hip bag, this price tag is perhaps not too surprising. Without the bottle, the bag weighs just 500 g – another clear advantage over a backpack. FIDLOCK’s Hip Bag has already won the coveted Design & Innovation Award.

Who needs a backpack or frame compartment?

The FIDLOCK HIP BELT on test – Holding strong

Without spoiling too much, The FIDLOCK system performs admirably. The hip belt buckle clicks securely into place and is easy to open, even with just one hand. In addition, the HIP BELT’s impressively wide adjustment range (76–140 cm) ensures that it can accommodate riders of almost any size, and its padding provides added comfort. For smaller riders, however, the width of the hip belt may be more of an issue, especially with a water bottle attached to both sides. We tested the FIDLOCK HIP BELT extensively on both gravel and MTB trails, and in both scenarios we had no problems with the stability of the hip bag or bottle. With a moderate load, the hip bag was barely noticeable, the bottles stayed securely in place and clipping them on and off while riding was a breeze. However, with two full water bottles, one or two jackets and a handful of snacks, the bag becomes noticeably heavy and, when fully loaded, is more suited to gravel than rough trails. Nevertheless, its generous space ensures that nothing essential needs to be left behind, even on long rides.

Opens and closes in a flash!
And with a little practice, you can even click the bottle on and off without looking.

The layout of the bag makes sense and the zips are easy to handle – even with gloves on, as long as they are not too thick. We easily managed to fit a rain jacket and two thin elbow pads into the main compartment. A thin jacket or jersey can also be attached to the outside with adjustable straps. However, we were not entirely satisfied with the hold here – at least on bumpy terrain. During our test rides, the FIDLOCK HIP BELT was frequently exposed to water and mud. Impressively, the bag kept its promise: even after several hours of riding, there was no sign of dirt or moisture inside. In addition, the waterproof and dustproof HERMETIC dry bag keeps your smartphone clean and dry. The exterior of the FIDLOCK HIP BELT is easy to clean with a soft brush and a little water.

Well protected from dust and water, the smartphone stays safe.

Who is the FIDLOCK HIP BELT double for?

If you prefer not to carry a backpack but still want all your essentials with you, then the Hip Bag is for you. And if you want to carry up to two water bottles safely and comfortably, the FIDLOCK HIP BELT double is the right choice. However, the weight when fully loaded should not be underestimated, making it more suitable for road or gravel use. If you want to be prepared for all eventualities, a backpack is the way to go – it distributes the weight more evenly and even has space for a back protector.

Conclusion on the FIDLOCK HIP BELT double

The FIDLOCK HIP BELT offers plenty of space for all your essentials, even on long rides: tools, snacks, clothes and room for two water bottles. The fastening system is meticulously designed, functional and can be operated reliably, even when wearing gloves. The waterproof and dustproof material ensures that your gear stays clean and dry, even in downpours and mud baths. However, when fully loaded, the extra weight can become noticeable on the hips. The price tag is also on the steep side.


  • well-thought-out fastening system
  • plenty of waterproof storage space
  • holds two water bottles


  • quite heavy when fully loaded
  • expensive

For more information visit fidlock.com

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Words & Photos: Patrick Gruber Translation: Anne Radek