The FANTIC ISSIMO FUN isn’t a step-through bike like any other. It’s meant to be a lifestyle bike for urban adventurers who want to turn the inner city into their personal playground. Can it deliver on this promise? With the smallest yet fattest tires in the test, a unique look and the BAFANG M500 motor, it definitely stands out from the crowd!

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FANTIC ISSIMO | Bafang M500/630 Wh | 80/0 mm (f/r)
33.4 kg (Size M) | € 2,995 | Manufacturer’s website

The FANTIC ISSIMO FUN is a real eye-catcher, bringing Italian flair to the metropoles of this world. When you’re out and about in the city with this € 2,995 step-through ebike, you can be sure that all eyes will be on you. FANTIC originally come from the motorcycle world and they make no secret of their heritage: the ISSIMO looks a bit like a Vespa, with a similar amount of flair. Is this a new urban style icon? The rear triangle connects the bottom bracket to the dropouts and seat stays and is made of a single piece. The oversized tubing matches the bike’s proportions. The integrated fenders also look great on the ISSIMO. Our FUN model came with green plexiglass covering the internal structure of the down tube, though we prefer the cool industrial look with the covers off, so we decided to remove them. Alternatively, you can choose between eight different colours for the cover. The FANTIC ISSIMO is available in two different finishes and three frame colours, but only one size. According to the manufacturer, the bike is suitable for all riders between 160 and 195 cm tall. The step-through section is low and super-wide – excellent! Weighing in at 33.4 kg, the FANTIC ISSIMO FUN is the heaviest bike in the test, while the 112 kg maximum payload is just below average.

FANTIC has kept the look clean and cables, the TRELOCK VEO 50 headlight and the Spanninga PIMENTO taillight are all neatly integrated. Unfortunately, the headlight isn’t sufficiently bright to provide good illumination at night. That it is attached to the head tube looks nice but isn’t all that practical. In corners, the light doesn’t follow the direction you’re steering, so you can’t see where you’re going. If the light were mounted on the handlebar or on the fork, that wouldn’t be the case.

The decisive factor
The 4” wide VEE Tire Co FUN tires dictate the bike’s handling, making it too vague for fast riding. Cruising is a must!
The mudguards go great with the bike’s look. Unfortunately, they’re not entirely silent.
Wheelie king
The external 630 Wh battery from Simplo is integrated into the seat tube, which shifts the centre of gravity toward the rear. No other bike in the test is as easy to wheelie.


€ 2,995


Motor Bafang M500 80 Nm
Battery Simplo 630 Wh
Display Bafang M500
Fork Fantic Custom 80 mm
Rear Shock mm
Seatpost Fantic - mm
Brakes Shimano MT200 180/180 (v/h) mm
Drivetrain Shimano NEXUS Inter-5E 1x5
Stem PROMAX 40 mm
Handlebar Fantic 640 mm
Wheelset 20"
Tires Vee-tire Co FUN 4"

Technical Data

Size M
Weight 33.4 kg
Perm. total weight 146 kg
Max. payload (rider/equipment) 112 kg
Trailer approval no
Kickstand mount yes

A matter of preference
We like the industrial look of the space frame down tube, which is why we removed the green plexiglas cover.
Not the best
The custom 80 mm travel fork offers limited adjustability and is one of the worst performing forks in the test.
A bike for flat terrain
The 5-speed Shimano NEXUS Inter-5E offers a low gear range of only 263%, with few easy gears, limiting the step-through ebike’s climbing capabilities. In addition, the BAFANG M500 motor doesn’t put out a lot of power when you’re pedalling at low cadences. With the ISSIMO, you’re better off avoiding inclines.
The handlebar gives you that chopper feel, which suits the bike’s handling.
What does it say?
The BAFANG display is positioned well but readability could be better.
City cruisin’
The logo on the frame says it all: the ISSIMO is at home in the city.

The ISSIMO is equipped with a BAFANG M500 motor which produces 80 Nm torque and is powered by an external 630 Wh battery. The position of the battery on the seat tube pushes the bike’s centre of gravity toward the back. This makes the FANTIC super easy to get on the back wheel: it’s the undisputed wheelie king in the test! The motor offers nine, finely stepped support levels. In practice, three or four more distinct support levels would have been sufficient. With the 5-speed Shimano NEXUS Inter-5E only offering a gear range of only 263%, it’s obvious that the FANTIC is made for flat terrain, lacking the easier gears required for steep climbs. The motor doesn’t offer a lot of power when pedalling at low cadences either. Together, this significantly restricts the FANTIC ISSIMO when going uphill.

Helmet Fox Dropframe | Glasses POC Aspire | Jacket Meander Nomad Bomber

The ISSIMO brings Italian flair to the urban segment and just wants to be the centre of attention!

Luggage racks aren’t an option on the ISSIMO and it isn’t approved to pull a trailer either. In our view, this is reasonable, because the bike’s handling isn’t designed for this. Due to the 4” wide tires, the feel and handling are completely different than with all other step-through ebikes in the test. Those who have never ridden a fat bike will have to get used to the vague and imprecise handling. The fork can’t be adjusted adequately to suit the weight of the rider and its 80 mm travel feels undefined, underscoring the bike’s vagueness. It’s one of the worst forks in the test

Because the bike ghost steers, you can’t take your hands off the bars while you’re riding, always having to hold it firmly with both hands to keep it under control. One-handed riding, either with a dog leash or to indicate a lane change, also takes practice, otherwise you’ll lose control of the front end. However, experienced riders will surely be delighted with the ISSIMO’s unique look and the way it cruises. Thanks to the wide, large volume tires, there’s no lack of comfort. The brakes are suitable for the type of riding you’ll do on this bike and there isn’t as much of a need for raw stopping power with small 20” tires.

The riding position depends heavily on the size of the rider. As the bike is only available in one size, it will likely end up being either slightly too big or slightly too small. If you’re just the right size, the riding position is upright and comfortable. The FANTIC ISSIMO can go off-road where the wide tires offer plenty of grip. However, because of the vague handling, off-road adventures aren’t this step-through ebike’s strong suit.

Tuning tips: none


The FANTIC ISSIMO FUN is made for a very specific type of rider: design aficionados who want a cool gadget to be the centre of attention in downtown traffic. The bike feels very unique and experienced riders are sure to have fun with it once they’ve gotten used to the way it rides. However, we were disappointed that the bike’s handling is so unpredictable, making it unsuitable for everyday use. Moreover, the motor and drivetrain combination only makes sense on terrain without any inclines.


  • fun, unique feeling
  • design and look
  • integration


  • front light integrated into the head tube
  • climbing performance

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Words: Photos: Robin Schmitt, Jonas Müssig, Philipp Schwab