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Fight the winter blues with a trip to Italy? – The Finale Outdoor Region beckons with new eMTB trails!

Everyone knows Finale Ligure! The European bike mecca is about the opposite of an insider tip. Nevertheless, the trip to Italy is worthwhile in most cases, not only because of the mild winter climate, but because the trail network is constantly evolving. Why a visit could pay off for you, especially this winter, is not revealed to you this time by us, but by downhill and enduro champions Tracy Mosley and Jérôme Clementz.

In terms of leisure activities on the Ligurian coast, the Finale Outdoor Region calls the shots. It is an association of hoteliers, specialized stores and service providers such as shuttle companies from the region. They take care of the trails and climbing spots that stretch from the backcountry to the coast. To accomplish this gargantuan task, the Finale Outdoor Region was able to secure none other than motoring leader Bosch as its main sponsor. Fittingly, they have thought about how to attract more eMTB-Rider to the region. This has resulted in a trail network specially adapted for eMTBs with a good mix of uphill and downhill trails. The twelve winterproof trails with a view of the Ligurian Sea can be found in Ranzi, northwest of Pietra Ligure. Tracy Mosley and Jérôme Clementz give us a first glimpse of the new trails in their latest video.

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Words: Rudolf Fischer Photos: Finale Outdoor Region