Rock Machine BLIZZARD eLTD

The spec list of this Rock Machine BLIZZARD eLTD ticks all the boxes, seeing this veritable trail weapon equipped with the most high-end componentry. Its hard-as-nails-looking frame houses a Shimano E8000 motor while the sublime Öhlins suspension should generate masses of traction. Stay tuned to hear our post-ride verdict on the BLIZZARD eLTD!


CONWAY chose Riva as the launchpad for their new downhill-focused E-MTB line with the Shimano E8000 motor. They’ve borrowed heavily from their brand’s own conventional enduro bike and we’ve had chance to test the CONWAY eWME 627. The eWME has some great riding characteristics, but the narrow wheels and tires clearly hold it back. Good news: CONWAY are planning to move to 2.6 rubber in the future.


Ushering a new name onto the E-MTB scene, this is the first bike to come from BESV and it goes by the name TRB 1 AM. While it’s undoubtedly got a distinctive, eye-catching design, its high weight might be a considerable drawback on the trails.

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