The E-MOUNTAINBIKE Print Edition 2021 is our fourth annual edition and the ultimate guide in your search for the perfect eMTB. Spread over 260 pages of high-quality print, we offer you a comprehensive buyer’s guide, reviews and details of 35 bikes and a group test of the 8 most exciting motors. We also provide a lot of specialist knowledge, behind the scenes information and report on the hottest trends. Whether you're an experienced eMTBer or just getting started, you will find everything you need to know about eMTB in our annual Print Edition!

Spread over 200 pages of tests & know-how, there is a lot more to discover than "just" 35 eMTB reviews: our comprehensive buyer's guide and 50-page intro to our big group test provides you with all the knowledge you need about eMTBs to find the right bike for you and avoid costly mistakes. There is also our group test of the 8 most important eMTB motors on the market. We tell you what makes for a good motor and what to look for in a coherent system.

We also take a deep dive into current trends and future topics. Of course, this includes the development of eMTBs and our society as well as the challenges that come with it and the resulting opportunities and potential for the bike industry. We discuss how everything is interrelated and clarify the question of whether eMTBs are or will soon be the better trekking E-bikes. Looking toward the future, we also answer whether eMTB software will eventually become more important than hardware.

The timeless stories and elaborate format make the Print Edition a must-have for every eMTBer. It makes for an excellent gift and a great way to introduce your friends, acquaintances, and colleagues to the world’s best hobby. Or if you want to convince them to try out eMTBing for themselves. Besides, buying the Print Edition is a great way to support our work.

Unfortunately, we can only ship our hard copy to addresses within Europe. However, that doesn't mean you'll have to miss out! You can now get our annual Print Edition in a digital format at Zinio and iKiosk.

By the way: We plant a tree 🌳 for every print edition sold!

What our readers say

We are overwhelmed by the positive feedback we received on our previous Print Edition. The reviews speak for themselves and we're sure that you will be just as enthusiastic about our new edition!

Great overview for those switching from city to eMTB
Finally, a catalogue (you can't really call 250 pages a magazine) which explains everything an eMTB and mountain bike newbie needs to know and gives an overview of the individual components: motors, batteries, brakes and which eMTBs are useful for whom. Travel, full-suspension or hardtails, eSUVs or light eMTBs and useful accessories are all clearly presented. To complete the picture, there are a lot of photos in the reviews and a buyer's guide on plenty of bikes. For me, the € 15 investment is equivalent to a reference book that feels much better in your hands than online.
Michael, March 2021

A MUST – for everyone who is looking to buy an ebike!
Excellent structure on all topics. Especially when you're not sure which is the right ebike for you. The big group test of 25 bikes and the summary at the end of each review was a great help in finding the best possible ebike for my needs. The fact that topics such as protective gear, the Komoot software or "after the purchase" are also addressed rounds it off perfectly. The € 15 is well invested when you think about the cost of an ebike. Thanks a lot! Excellent!
Helmut, February 2021

Great textbook, like a cookbook!
The headline of the annual edition is absolutely correct! For beginners & experts. My father wanted an ebike for his 80th birthday. Reading it in print was an absolute hit – for him and then for me. To leaf through and read about the impressions and results of the Formula 1 class, and the one question that keeps popping up: “what do we actually need?” We found all the right hints and tips on what to look for, which ultimately led us to finding the right bike for dad and buying it. The annual edition is very entertaining. I usually avoid print media, but I don't regret buying this as I love reading it and treat it like a cookbook. Keep up the good work! Super annual edition, always to be recommended.
Martin, November 2020

You can find more readers' reviews on the E-MOUNTAINBIKE Print Edition 2020 in our online shop and we're looking forward to your feedback on our latest annual edition!

Article Highlights

The best E-MOUNTAINBIKE articles and lots of fresh material: the E-MOUNTAINBIKE Print Edition 2021 is more extensive than ever and spans around 260 pages. It's the ultimate guide to buying your new eMTB! Below, we’ll give you a sneak peek at four articles:

The best eMTB of 2021 – Mega group test with 25 of the most exciting and hottest bikes
The number of bikes tested has remained the same but a lot has happened since last year and the eMTB scene is booming like never before! Countless newcomers, many new bikes and innovative technologies make the 2021 season more exciting than ever. Not only did we find the best all-rounder but also the best bikes for bike park fans, touring friends, heavy riders and many other types of riders.
buyer's guide – Everything you need to know before buying an ebike!
How do you find the perfect eMTB in the jungle of products, model varieties, constant innovations and special offers? Our comprehensive buyer's guide is here to help you make the right choice, leaving none of your questions unanswered. With our pointers, you'll be well equipped to find what's right for you and avoid spending your hard-earned money on the wrong eMTB.
The best motor of 2021 – The 8 most important systems tested
When you're looking for a new eMTB, the motor and battery system plays a crucial role. We tested the 8 most important motors, delving into what makes a good motor and what you should look for in a coherent concept.
Ready for a better future? – Influences and changes in the bike sector and community and how we can help shape them
The bike industry and its community are changing rapidly. This requires a new self-image, new approaches and a willingness to grow and develop. As E-MOUNTAINBIKE Magazine, we've developed a vision for the opportunities and challenges of the future, and of course we'll explain the role eMTBs play in this vision. Are you ready for the future?

In our PDF preview, you'll be able to read samples of some of the articles as well as the complete table of contents of the E-MOUNTAINBIKE Print Edition to give you an idea of what to expect. Click here for the free preview.

Frequently asked questions

Who is the E-MOUNTAINBIKE Print Edition for?
We’ve gone to a lot of effort to make the contents of our magazine as varied and diverse as possible. One of our priorities was to make sure that beginners, as well as experts and regular readers, will get their money's worth! buyer's guide, reviews, trends, protective gear... the list of topics goes on! After all, the Print Edition covers 260 pages. By the way: our free PDF preview includes the complete table of contents, so you know what to expect. Click here for the free preview.
Is the Print Edition also available in a digital format?
Yes! Since we’ve previously struggled with considerable delays on international shipments, we've decided to restrict the shipping of our Print Edition 2021 to addresses within Europe while offering a digital version for everyone else. Of course, you can also get the digital version if you live in Europe. The annual Print Edition is now available at iKiosk and Zinio in a digital format.
I devoured every one of your issues and know every article on your entire website by heart. Does the Print Edition offer me anything new?
Absolutely! The Print Edition includes an exclusive look at the future of eMTBs and how they can change our society. Once you've found the right bike thanks to our comprehensive buyer's guide, our beginners' guide will answer some of the questions you might have as you start out. We're convinced that our loyal readers will also enjoy the Print Edition! Besides, it makes for an excellent reference book and collector's item for all E-MOUNTAINBIKE fans, and by buying a copy you help support our work. By the way: our free PDF preview includes the complete table of contents, so you know what to expect. Click here for the free preview.
I don't yet own an eMTB. Should I get the Print Edition anyway?
Definitely! If you don't yet own an eMTB, our buyer's guide is the perfect introduction to help you decide which bike to buy. We clarify the most important jargon and answer your questions, guiding you to your personal dream bike. You will also find in-depth reviews and details of 35 eMTBs and 8 motors. Our buyer's guide and reviews contain a wealth of information and are designed to help you form a well-founded opinion of your own. Our group tests don't just give you a winner but also offer specific recommendations for different types of riders while providing you with a lot of know-how and background knowledge. We want to equip you with the information and skills you need to find the bike that's exactly right for you. By the way: Besides sample articles, our free PDF preview includes the complete table of contents, so you know what to expect. Click here for the free preview.
Which eMTBs did you review for this issue?
In the E-MOUNTAINBIKE Print Edition 2021 you will find detailed reviews and information on the following 35 exciting eMTBs:

BiXS LANE EX | Cannondale Moterra Neo Carbon 1 | Canyon Spectral:ON CF 9 | CENTURION No Pogo F3600i | CUBE Stereo Hybrid 140 HPC SLT Nyon | CUBE Stereo Hybrid 160 C:62 SLT 625 27.5 Kiox | Ducati TK-01RR | FLYER Uproc6 9.50 | FEDDZ PFC1 | FOCUS JAM² 6.9 NINE | GIANT Trance X E+ 1 | GASGAS Enduro Cross 11.0 | Haibike AllMtn 7 | HoheAcht Sento Lumo | KTM Macina Kapoho Prestige | Lapierre Overvolt GLP 2 Team | MERIDA eONE-FORTY EQ | MERIDA eONE-SIXTY 8000 | MERIDA eONE-SIXTY 10K | Mondraker Crafty Carbon XR | Moustache Samedi 29 Trail 8 | Riese & Müller Homage | ROTWILD R.X375 ULTRA | Santa Cruz Bullit X01 RSV Air | SCOTT Ransom eRIDE 910 | SCOTT Ransom eRIDE 920 | SIMPLON Rapcon Pmax | Specialized S-Works Turbo Levo | Specialized S-Works Turbo Levo SL | STEVENS E-Inception AM 9.7 GTF | Thömus Lightrider E2 Pro | Trek Powerfly FS 9 Equipped | Trek Rail 9.9 X01 | Trek Rail 7 | Whyte E-150 RS 29ER V1

In “The best eMTB motor of 2021” we also put the 8 most important motors to the test, including models from Bosch, Brose, FAZUA, SACHS, Shimano, Specialized, TQ and Yamaha.
Where can I buy the E-MOUNTAINBIKE Print Edition?
We will ship the Print Edition to any European address via our online shop – shipments within Germany are free of charge. This year, we're also debuting the digital version of our annual edition, available at iKiosk and Zinio . Additionally, it's available at selected retail outlets such as airports, train stations and selected bike shops. We'd be happy to help you find your nearest stockist – just send us a short email to
Is the E-MOUNTAINBIKE Print Edition a subscription service? Can I get a subscription for the Print Edition?
The hard copy in our shop is only available as a once off purchase. Your order does not sign you up for a subscription. The digital version can be bought as part of a subscription on Zinio. However, the subscription does not give you any advantages, which is why we would recommend getting it as a single issue. If you want to make sure you don't miss any issue, we recommend signing up to our free newsletter.
Does this mean the end of the digital magazine?
The E-MOUNTAINBIKE Print Edition is meant to complement our digital app magazine and we love the digital format far too much to give it up. If you're not yet familiar with our app, find out more here.
I'd like to sell the E-MOUNTAINBIKE Print Edition in my bike shop/hotel/bike rental shop/travel and tourism office.... Is that possible?
Of course! We offer a discounted rate even on small batches of the E-MOUNTAINBIKE Print Edition for retailers. For more info, contact Susanne (
I have feedback or a suggestion. Who can I contact?
Let us know which stories you liked and which not! And most importantly, tell us why! Which topics do you want to see more of in the future, which stories interest you? We always love hearing from you and take your feedback to heart. It's only by receiving criticism that we can improve. On that note: here's to an even brighter future! As always, you can reach our team via