Digger’s back

Todd “Digger” Fiander and the Godfather of Freeride, Wade Simmons, are two of the most well-known characters on the North Shore – and for good reason. Digger’s spent his life building trails that have influenced riding networks around the world, and Wade was right there with him to help make them famous through his skills on a bike.

From all of the years of trail building, both of Digger’s knees deteriorated to the point of needing replacement. Wade saw the surgeries as an opportunity to help out a friend who had given him so much over the years. It was his idea to support Digger with an Altitude Powerplay, because he knew the assistance from the Dyname 3.0 drive system would help get Digger back riding.

We’re stoked to have Digger working on the local trails, but if anyone deserves to get out and ride them, it’s him.