Good-bye motor problems? Software update released for all Brose motors, including the Specialized Levo/Kenevo and a 4-year guarantee

The Brose Drive S Mag is one of the best motors on the market. But it hasn’t been the most reliable. We repeatedly got letters about belts braking and also read about it in forums, which often resulted in having to replace the complete motor.

Both Brose and Specialized have now responded, since the hardware of the Specialized 2.1 motor is also based on the Brose Drive S Mag (click for review). At Specialized, the Levo models released between 2019 and 2020 were affected most, which also includes the motors on the 2020 Kenevo. Since this is a general Brose problem, the software update isn’t only recommended for Specialized bikes, but for all bikes equipped with Drive Mag S motors. Brose offer this update to all manufacturers.

Brose software update available now!

The motor manufacturer claims to have found the fault, and their solution is a software update that reduces certain peaks loads, putting less strain on the belt and thereby increasing its longevity. The software update shouldn’t have any negative effects on the motor’s performance. The latest motors will also come with reinforced belts and other technical improvements to improve noise reduction and durability. The software update is available now for all current motors and can be installed a your nearest dealership.

The hardware-based improvements come as standard on all new Brose motors.

Warranty extension for the Specialized Levo and Kenevo

To give Specialized riders added peace of mind, the American brand has chosen to extend the motor warranty of the affected models from 2 to 4 years from the date of purchase. The guarantee is transferable, so there shouldn’t be any problem when selling the bike or buying second hand. The four-year guarantee is not linked to any other conditions. Nevertheless, Specialized recommend registering the bike.

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Words: Robin Schmitt Photos: Brose, E-MOUNTAINBIKE

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