Automatic shifting and much more! New 2025 additions to the Bosch Smart System family

It just keeps on growing and growing: For MY 2025, Bosch are expanding the Smart System. At this year’s Eurobike, the German tech giant present many exciting software updates for the Bosch Smart System, which should offer benefits both for dealers and riders. Here’s all the most important info for you!

Bosch goes AI – The new software features of the 2025 Bosch Smart System

Bosch announced countless new software functions for MY 2025, starting with the proprietary Range Control function. As the name suggests, this aims to give you a better overview of the motor system’s range. When creating a route via the Bosch eBike Flow app, the Range Control function calculates the percentage of battery you’re likely to use to reach your destination. The software uses artificial intelligence and takes into account several factors, like the bike’s system weight, the route’s gradient profile and individual riding behaviour based on your most recent tours.

The new Range Control function estimates and displays the remaining charge level at your planned destination.

The system automatically updates the estimated remaining charge level throughout the route, taking into account the current riding style. Thanks to the use of AI, the system should learn to analyse and calculate the range even more accurately after several tracked rides. If you suffer from range anxiety, you can set a desired minimum charge level for your destination. If you do so, the software takes control of the situation and adjusts the motor’s support accordingly, allowing you to reach your destination with your desired charge level.

Using the Bosch eBike Flow app, you can set the minimum charge level at your destination. By doing so, the software will control the support and set them based on your riding style.

You should also be able to calculate your expected arrival time – like with Google Maps, for example. The system does this by analysing your riding style on similar routes you’ve tracked in the past. Furthermore, you can even ask the system to suggest a customised route, which the algorithm works out based on your preferred gradient and surface.
As far as map functions go, the updated system displays not only the planned route and junctions, but also side roads, which should make it easier to find your way around. If you’re already looking forward to the next big ride and can’t wait for your e-bike to be ready to go, you can follow the charging progress in real time via the eBike Flow app. The detailed map view and real-time battery charge status are part of the Bosch Flow+ subscription, which costs either € 4.99 per month or €39.99 per year. The first twelve months are free of charge.

New support mode for the 2025 Bosch Smart System

Alongside the existing Eco, Tour+, eMTB and Turbo/Race support levels, Bosch have released a new Eco+ mode, which is intended mainly to save battery, enabling long ranges. Depending on the rider’s input, the motor goes to standby mode when under a certain activation threshold effort, which can be set in the Bosch eBike Flow app. As soon as you fall under this threshold level again, the motor switches off. This new Eco+ mode can be installed via the app on all Smart System motors.

The new Eco+ support mode is primarily intended to save battery on long-distance rides.

Automatic shifting – The new eShift function of the 2025 Bosch Smart System

Bosch introduced their first electronic shifting system back in 2014. Now the German manufacturer is expanding the scope of the eShift function not only with new features, but also with new shifters. Alongside the existing compatibility with Rohloff, 3X3 and Enviolo, the new eShift function is now also compatible with drivetrains from Shimano and TRP.

The main innovation of the new Bosch Smart System is a fully automatic shifting function, which works in conjunction with eMTB rear derailleurs. Bosch connoisseurs might already have guessed it: this feature is only available with Performance CX and SX drives. Here the new electronic TRP E.A.S.I. A12 rear derailleur takes over the shifting. The drivetrain adapts the gears to a predetermined cadence, which can be set using the Bosch eBike Flow app. This should ensure the right gear ratio in all situations and make for a more comfortable, relaxed ride. The “Roll-Shift” function is designed to shift to the right gear while coasting. The highlight: you can shift gears without pedalling, which comes in particularly handy in technical terrain where you have to stop pedalling to avoid smashing the cranks into obstacles. If you prefer to shift gears manually, you can override the shifting algorithm at the touch of a button to select the gear that suits you best.

Bosch integrate the new electronic TRP E.A.S.I. A12 rear derailleur into the eShift function, enabling automatic shifting on e-mountainbikes.

Having already seen and tested similar systems for e-MTBs from Shimano and SRAM, we’re curious to see how Bosch’s new eShift function performs on the trail, especially given that the existing systems available on the market quickly reach their limits in complex trail situations. So far, they have proven to be more suitable for leisurely tours on fire roads and, of course, in urban settings.

However, Bosch have also released several touring features for the eShift function, including compatibility with the new electronic Shimano CUES Di2 12-speed derailleur system. This is supposed to be particularly quiet and gentle on the components. To achieve this, the system reduces the motor assistance for a fraction of a second while. In manual shift mode, the display provides a shift recommendation.

The new Shimano CUES Di2 drivetrain is also suitable for urban use.
The gear indicator shows you which gear you’re currently in.

Bosch also included the Shimano NEXUS Di2 electronic gear hub in their system, which is designed to enable smooth gear shifts regardless of the situation, allowing you to just keep pedalling. If you’re riding in manual mode, the display will recommend the right gear – just like with the derailleur drivetrain. Like other hub gears, the NEXUS Di2 allows you to select a gear when stationary, and choose a preferred set-off gear using the eBike Flow app, which will engage the desired gear automatically when stationary and should make it easier to set off from a standstill, e.g. at a traffic light.

With this update, Bosch thought not only about end users, but also about manufacturers and dealers, giving them the opportunity to provide customers with a more personalised service, for example via the eBike Flow app. As a result, the manufacturers and dealers can now integrate their own app via the Cloud API function.


Bosch haven’t expanded the Smart System’s hardware ecosystem for the time being, but have released countless software features, including many new shifting and navigation functions. These are meant to make the Bosch Smart System even more versatile, improving its overall performance while helping users to enjoy greater benefits in everyday riding situations. As soon as we get a chance to test them, we’ll let you know how the new features perform in practice.

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