The market of full suspension E-MTBs aimed at demanding terrain is growing tremendously; one bike, which fits exactly in this segment, is the Giant Full-E+ 1 offering a potent chassis and persuasive downhill performance. Reason enough for us to take a closer look and to put this e-bike to the test.

The Giant Full-E is available in two equipment versions; we tested the cheaper version of the Full-E+ 1, starting at a price of 3,699 Euros.

Contrary to most e-bike manufacturer in this segment, Giant does not rely on Bosch drive system, but instead they mount a specially built Yamaha SyncDriveC central motor with over 250 watts and a torque of 60 newton meters. The following test will let you know if the system proved successful and what else there is to know about the Giant Full-E+ 1.

The Yamaha drive system and its powerful performance know how to impress just as well as the chain guide does. Strong: The massive protective cover guards the central motor from unwanted stone contact. This is where its intensions become obvious: The Giant Full-E+ 1definitely wants to win us over!
The control center – the slim display provides information on all the important information like battery life and speed.
The front of the Full-E+ is equipped with a RockShox Revelation RL suspension fork.

Regarding the chassis, Giant relies on components by RockShox; they mounted a RockShox Revelation RL suspension fork with 140 mm of travel to the front, which can be lowered to 110 mm if necessary, and for road use and smooth climbs it is equipped with a lockout.

The test bike’s powertrain leaves nothing to be desired. The Shimano XT gearshift performs with almost surgical precision and the chain guide also held the chain on effectively at all times.

With its 127 mm of travel, the rear suspension is controlled by a RockShox Monarch RL shock. The shock is equipped with three different shock modes and can be locked out just like the fork. Regarding performance, both products definitely impressed us as they react precisely, without using too much travel. This allows the bike to stay plush on the trail while encouraging the rider to try some spirited maneuvers. Thanks to the fork’s efficient compression damping, the fork does not bottom out on steep sections and therefore provides a nice and secure feeling.

We were surprised by the cheap Shimano M447 disc brake because it did not give any reason to complain and always pulled the rider to a halt securely. For everyone planning to descend more than 500 (vertical) meters downhill at a time, we would still recommend investment into a 200 mm brake disc at the front.
A true compliment is entitled to the engineers for their clever cable routing. Many cables are routed inside the frame, offering both protection and leaving no rubbing points.
über die Brücke
Time for a fresh breeze! The Giant Full-E+ increases the action scope of the rider enormously thanks to its strong performance.

The German Alpine foothills often play the same game over and over again: Even though the mountains are well served with lifts, the entertainment of bikes is often not allowed. This is where the Giant Full-E+ comes in real handy; its powerful 250-watt drivetrain makes the climb to the awesome trails around Garmisch-Partenkirchen almost effortless. Particularly striking here is the high torque of 60 nm with 600 watts maximum power when compared to the competition. The rider may choose between three levels of assist modes, called “Eco”, “Standard” and “Sports” providing a speed of up to 25 km/h with “tailwind”.

Trail Bergauf
The extra power of the motor greatly assists even technically demanding uphills; the wheels roll over roots and other hurdles notably easier, not least because of the 27.5” dimension.

Once seated on the bike, you instantly feel relaxed, the seating position is a nice compromise – sporting but still compact enough to finish longer tours comfortably. However, for the ones who put more emphasis on downhills, we recommend a slightly shorter stem as well as a slightly wider handlebar, as we consider this one a little too narrow at 680 mm.

Action bergab
With the Giant Full-E+, the rider is in control of the situation at all times. The bike stays on the trail, is well balanced and conveys a feeling of security in all riding circumstances.

There was nothing to complain about when looking at the flawless equipment by Shimano; the only reason for grief was the missing dropper seatpost – not least because of the limited lowering ability of the post into the frame: This is where investment into a dropper post that can be controlled via the handlebar would definitely pay off in order to achieve more riding fun and security on the trail.

Trail bergab weitwinkel
Satt liegt das Giant Full-E+ 1 auf dem Trail – Gabel und Hinterbau harmonieren wunderbar zusammen.
sitzend auf der Brücke
The Giant Full-E+ 1 knew how to convince and was a reliable companion throughout our test period.

Bottom line:

With the Full-E+ 1, Giant has managed to introduce an extremely elaborate and well functioning E-MTB to the market. It scores with a superb chassis, well-made geometry and good equipment. Only the cockpit and the absence of a dropper seatpost slightly dull the overall impression but can be easily “upgraded” at your retailer.

Technical specifications:

  • Motor:GIANT powered by Yamaha SyncDriveC central motor, 250 watts
  • Battery: GIANT EnergyPakF lithium ion accumulator, 400 watt-hours
  • Brakes: Shimano Deore BR-M447, hydraulic disc brakes
  • Gearshift:Shimano XT, 10-gear derailleur gear
  • Suspension fork / shock: RockShox Revelation RL / RockShox Monarch RL
  • Price: 3.699,90 Euro
  • More information:
  • Text & Photo: Christoph Bayer