In the automobile industry it is a common practice, but recently we’ve seen more and more bike brands adopt this method: more or less camouflaged prototypes are tested in public. Just like this E-MTB, that grabbed our reader Thomas’ attention when it was leaning next to a kiosk. While the rider was waiting in the lane to pay his snacks, Thomas managed to snap a few shots that he kindly shared with us.

The rider of this camouflaged prototype bike just left his bike unattended for a minute and our reader Thomas took advantage of the situation to snap a few shots with his iPhone.
The battery of this Shimano E-MTB can be removed on the side, the mechanism looks like it’s still from a 3D printer.
The real highlight is the backside though, as the bikes seems to feature a second battery bay!
If we can trust the lettering on the rocker arm, this bike delivers 120 mm of rear wheel travel.
The Shimano motor is intergrated into the frame with a cover.
We’re keen to find out what bike this is!

If our assumptions are right, we can expect this bike to hit the market in the upcoming season. Judging from the size of the downtube, we’re assuming the total capacity to be somewhere around 700 Wh. Should you ever stumble across something exciting yourself, feel free to send us a mail. What brand do you think this bike belongs to? Leave a comment with your bet below!

Thanks Thomas for the photos!

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Words: Moritz Dittmar Photos: Thomas S.