The summer of your life can’t be defined by how long your holiday is, which beach you’re on, or how many bonus miles you’ve racked up in a bid to escape daily life. It’s not about the where or the what, but about the how and the who with. As always, this issue is crammed with exciting bike and component tests, all sorts of practical tips and a ton of inspiration so that you can have the summer of your life – E-MTB by your side!

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E-MTBs have barely taken a breather since they were first launched into our world. Evolving from their earliest inception as mountain bikes with a motor clumsily fixed onto the bottom bracket, we’re now seeing eye-catching bikes with well-considered designs and ride characteristics with the propensity to leave us open-mouthed and exhilarated. The industry clearly isn’t resting on its laurels, and the coming season is packed with exciting new launches. Here’s our run-through of which innovations are worth paying attention to in the coming season.

The trail in front of you gets steeper and you don’t want to lose your momentum, so you start pedalling like a maniac. Then you hear a loud clunking noise and everything comes to an abrupt halt… the next thing you know you’re flying over the bars! What happened? Chances are you jammed your crank into a rock or root, which is exactly why shorter cranks are one of the current hot tuning tips. But what is the ideal length? Does size really matter in this case?

Here are eleven arguments that’ll stop anyone and everyone from hating on E-MTBs!

Chameleons are masters of adaptation. When the situation requires them to do so, they blend in with their surroundings within minutes. As e-mountain bikers we certainly don’t want to hide, but we could do with a certain degree of flexibility depending on conditions and environment. The SCOTT E-Genius takes both 27.5+ and 29″ wheels. Does this make the E-Genius as adaptable as a chameleon? And which wheel size is the right one for you?

Crafted by hand on a farm in Northern Germany, the NICOLAI ION-G16 EBOXX sports a radical concept that questions everything ever known about geometry. So what exactly is the potential stacked within this E-MTB penned by visionary e-bike pioneer Kalle Nicolai?

Levo goes carbon! Specialized have gone big for this latest model, with benefits that go way beyond just carting fewer calories with its slick carbon frame. The revamped Specialized Turbo Levo FSR Carbon 2018 also features an all-new motor generation , new suspension, and a revised spec. If that isn’t all covet-worthy enough, the S-Works model has a trick up its sleeve to really fuel the envy!

As a new parent, one of the hardest things to accept is that the life you knew pre-baby is over. This is an especially hard thing to accept if you’re a mountain biker, which is not merely your sport, but your way of life. Can the E-Mountainbike be the solution?

Being a little strapped for cash shouldn’t stop you getting a new E-MTB, as second-hand rigs present a viable alternative that’s a little kinder on your bank balance. We’ve curated the most important tips and tricks to observe while buying a second-hand bike to make sure that you won’t get hit by a ton of unforeseen repair costs!

Time is short. With the sun dipping low towards the horizon we should really be heading down, not up. Any experienced mountain guide will tell you that if you rock up to start a mountain adventure at 6 PM, you’re already a day late… but we were going for it together with Hannah Barnes. Carpe diem.

All this – and much more more – can be found in E-MOUNTAINBIKE issue #011, which you can download right away. Enjoy the read!