Issue #010

Hype This! 5 new MTB products to fall in love with

Below you’ll find 6 of the finest MTB related products and bling to feast your eyes over! Continue on reading or head over to issue #010 to check out the original article.

The Muncher

Titanium Multi Utensil

If you’re the sort of person who loves bikepacking to remote hills, and who is so off-the-grid you probably wouldn’t notice a zombie apocalypse, you probably have need for this 20g all-in-one, firestarting, can-opening, bear-killing, dehydrated-meal-eating ten-function tool. For the rest of us, we would probably just use it to eat our lunch in the office, telling anyone who cares that it’s made from aircraft-grade titanium, and laughing merrily at the fact that it’s called The Muncher.

Price: $ 35


Racer Tubeless Bicycle Tire Repair Kit

Looking like something that should certainly require training and a police background check before owning, the new Dynaplug racer is, in fact, the ultimate solution for fixing large punctures. The double-ended 6061 aluminium device not only boasts standard-sized Dynaplugs for rapid sealing of most punctures, but also the new Megaplug for when you’ve really made a mess of your tire. Be warned, however – if you leave this in your bag going through airport security, you will suddenly find you have many new friends, all wearing uniforms.

Price: € 43.99
Colors: Purple/Polished


Reverb 1x Remote

There are wild rumors circulating the E-MTB world of riders who ended up with broken fingers simply because they wanted to use their dropper post. Such tragedies (true or not) reflected the piss-poor state of affairs regarding this componentry – until today. Depending on the drive, gears and brakes, the RockShox Reverb often suffered a similar fate. Fortunately, the new 1x remote lever isn’t just wonderfully easy to use, it also slots tidily under a Bosch Purion display with protection for your finger, meaning less work for the NHS. But safety comes at a cost, and € 105 isn’t the kindest figure on your bank balance.

Price: € 105


Honey Badger DH Pro EMC

Common consensus says that anticipation is the purest form of pleasure – so if that’s the case, Kenda have it dialed, seeing a lengthy wait for the Honey Badger DH Pro to hit the market. This hotly anticipated E-MTB-specific carcass is so damn good and grippy that it completely disproves that opening statement – we’re even more excited now we’ve ridden in Super aggressive, this robust carcass and soft rubber compound delivers traction and puncture resistance in every scenario. Just like its namesake, the Honey Badger clings to the ground and offers a ton of stability and confidence (even for a non-plus-size tire).

Price: € 44.99
Size: 27,5 x 2,40″
Weight: ca. 1.080 g


For years, designers worked tirelessly to remove the tube from inside our tires. Finally, we ended up with tubeless and the riding community united in celebration. Now, however, everyone is racing to stuff things back in. The latest innovation in the ‘expensive foam’ protection game is the CushCore. Not only does CushCore boast improved rim protection, vibration damping, and improved lateral stability, at $149.00 a set it’s also the fastest way to empty your wallet. Adding over 230 grams to each wheel, CushCore will need to offer lots of cush for your cash.

Price: $ 149
Wheelsize: 27,5″/29″

Words: Trev Worsey Photos: Manufacturer