E-Mountainbike Chefredakteur Robin Schmitt jagt das Haibike SDURO AllMTN RC über die Trails in Barcelona.

As already announced, Haibike is extending its E-MTB range in 2015 with a new model series. Dubbed the SDURO, it’s aimed at a younger target audience. The powerful new Yamaha drive is used (instead of the Bosch motors found on the XDURO models),
and a lower entry price should make E-MTB ownership more accessible and easier. We got the exclusive chance to extensively try out a SDURO prototype AllMtn RC in Barcelona.

Haibike Sduro 27,5 2015 all mountain RC-2

The bike facts

150mm of travel, 27.5″ wheels, 21.5 kg complete weight, and nice frame details — the basic facts about the Haibike SDURO AllMtn RC are very familiar from the XDURO range and certainly sound very promising. The RC models cost 3,399 Euros in the shop and offer an attractive spec for this price.

Innenverlegte Züge, eine den Motor schützende SkidPlate sowie ein ästhetische Rahmenform lassen die Herzen passionierter Mountainbiker höher schlagen.
Internal cable routing, a skid plate to protect the motor, and the aesthetic frame form will get every passionate biker’s heart racing.
Das Fox-Fahrwerk besteht aus einer (leider) etwas unterdimensionierten Fox 32 Talas Federgabel, sowie einem Fox Float Dämpfer am Heck. Die Evolution-Series steht für die günstigste Fox-Dämpfungseinheit (offenes Ölbad) aus dem Hause Fox.
The Fox suspension is comprised of the somewhat under-dimensioned Fox 32 fork along with a Float shock at the rear. The Evolution series is the entry-level product range from Fox with an open oil-bath damping system.
2x10 Gänge: Der Yamaha Motor erlaubt die Montage eines 2-fach Kettenblatts, was eine marginal breitere Gangbreite als ein 1x11-Setup bereitstellen soll.
2×10 gearing: the Yamaha Motor allows a 2-ring chainset to be fitted, which marginally increases the gear range compared to a 1×11 set up.
Die Shimano Deore-Bremsen sowie der Shimano-XT-Antrieb bietet eine sehr zuverlässige Performance.
The Shimano Deore brakes and XT drivetrain offer very reliable performance.
Unterdimensioniert: Die leichten Schwalbe Nobby Nic Reifen kommen bei harter Fahrweise schnell an ihre Grenzen (Grip und Pannenanfälligkeit).
Under-dimensioned: the light Schwalbe Nobby Nic tyres quickly reach their limits (grip and puncture protection) if you ride hard.
Vorbildlich: Teleskopsattelstützen sind an heutigen Bikes ein Must-Have und sorgen für zusätzliche Sicherheit in technischem Gelände. Am Haibike ist die KindShock LEV verbaut.
Exemplary: dropper posts are an absolute ‘must-have’ for modern bikes and increase confidence on technical trails immensely. The Haibike has a Kind Shock LEV fitted.
Haibike Sduro 27,5 2015 all mountain RC-44

With the change to a Yamaha motor, segment leader Haibike sends a big signal as this ends the “Bosch-dominance” within its ePerformance model range. The clever thing is, Yamaha is known above all for its high performance motorbikes (both motocross and street) and engagement in motorsport racing, so the image of the new motor fits perfectly with the young, cool SDURO range. A further bonus: the Yamaha motor is compact and allows Haibike to improve both the rear suspension kinematics and the frame form.

Dank der SkidPlate ist der Motor schön im Rahmen integriert und so vor Beschädigungen geschützt. Die kompaktere Bauweise bietet zudem etwas mehr Bodenfreiheit.
Thanks to the Skid Plate the well-integrated motor is protected from damage. The compact form allows for better ground clearance too.
Haibike Sduro 27,5 2015 all mountain RC-27

The multi-function display is very easy to navigate, but with its exposed position it is destined for damage if you have a crash. The fragile holder on our test bike will be replaced with a sturdier version for production bikes.

Die etwas unergonomische Bedienungseinheit findet neben dem Remote-Hebel der KindShock-Teleskopsattelstütze Platz.
The control unit is mounted next to the dropper post remote.
Mit dem 400 Wh Lithium-Ionen-Akku sollen selbst ausgedehnte Ausfahrten problemlos möglich sein.
With a 400 Wh Lithium-Ion battery even the longest of rides should be possible.
Das Haibike SDURO AllMtn RC in Action.
The Haibike SDURO AllMtn RC in action.

Handling – the Haibike SDURO AllMtn in action

For my height of 180cm, the Haibike in size 44cm has a central, compact position. The wide 780mm bars combined with a relatively short 70mm stem reinforce this and give you a feeling of full control and confidence.

Haibike Sduro 27,5 2015 all mountain RC-6

The powerful 250-watt Yamaha centre-motor delivers the necessary drive even on demanding trail sections thanks to the “Zero-Cadence Support” feature. After just one turn of the cranks one accelerates sensitively but with noticeably more power and drive than with a Bosch Performance Motor.

Bergauf geht das SDURO frech leicht. Da bleibt selbst  Zeit für Faxen!
On climbs the SDURO really goes off. You even have time for cheeky grimaces!

With a peak torque of 80Nm and a constant level of 70 Nm, the powerful motor has plenty of drive when the gradients get steep. The two chainrings can also be useful here, but whether you’ll really need them from day to day is up to you. Either way, for extreme situations like an empty battery, or to tackle incredibly steep sections, they have their uses. The TALAS fork-travel adjustment system of the Fox 32 is also really only for the steepest of trails where it can prevent the front wheel from rising off the ground.

In engen Sektionen besticht das Haibike durch seine Agilität.
In tight sections the Haibike wins with its agility. Overall the SDURO is solid and secure on the trail.
Von 0 auf Fluggeschwindigkeit in 3 Pedalumdrehungen. Aus langsamen Kurven beschleunigt man mit dem Yamaha-Motor exzellent heraus und kommt so auf Geschwindigkeit...
From zero to flight velocity in three pedal revolutions. The Yamaha motor has excellent acceleration out of corners and quickly brings you up to cruising speed.
Von 0 auf Fluggeschwindigkeit in 3 Pedalumdrehungen. Aus langsamen Kurven beschleunigt man mit dem Yamaha-Motor exzellent heraus und kommt so auf Geschwindigkeit, um Sprünge mit vollem Speed zu nehmen!
… perfect for hitting jumps at full speed!
In der Luft fühlt es sich sehr stabil und sicher an. Lediglich die Laufräder und dünnen Reifen mindern die Souveränität bei Landungen in rauem Terrain.
In the air the Haibike feels very stable and secure. Just the wheels and thin tyres minimise the landing control on rougher trails.
Vollgas im Anlieger! Das ausgewogene Handling des SDUROs macht einfach Spaß!
Full speed into the berms! The balanced handling of the SDURO is just plain fun!
Haibike Sduro 27,5 2015 all mountain RC-3

The prototype Haibike SDURO AllMtn RC is the perfect basis for an excellent bike: the very functional and well-chosen spec (Yamaha motor, plus solid drivetrain, brakes, cockpit, and dropper post) should in my opinion be accompanied with a more solid fork and wheel/tyre combo in order to satisfy riders seeking more demanding trails. The geometry, technical details, and handling are all spot on. For ‘normal’ riding the SDURO AllMtn RC is already a hot bike at a hot price right out of the box!

Words: Robin Schmitt | Pictures: Philipp Heller