It’s that time of the year again, the products for the new season are presented at the EUROBIKE 2017. With 1,400 exhibitors from all around the world, EUROBIKE is the most important trade show in the bike industry and E-MTBs are the hottest topic these days. We’ve obviously been at the show to give you an overview of the most important highlights.

Shimano four piston XT brake and 165 mm cranks

More Power! In future, the XT will come with a 4 piston brake caliper.

It’s been a long time; now it’s back: the Shimano XT four piston brake. Visually, the new XT strongly resembles the well known ZEE and Saint models. The familiar features of the 2-piston version, such as reach and contact point adjustment, have remained the same. According to Shimano, the main difference is the four ceramic pistons in the new brake caliper, which should provide a significant improvement in braking power. We are very excited to test these. The brake will be available from November this year at prices of approximately 205 €. Also new are the XT cranks for the Shimano Steps motor. With a length of 165 mm, they should reduce pedal strikes without deviating too much from the pedalling characteristics of classic 175 mm cranks.

The new XT crank with 165 mm is intended to provide more ground clearance and minimise pedal strikes.

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