Feature Issue #010 Review

E-MTBs for kids – everything you need to know

Most of us know, long bike rides can be a real struggle for families: dad watched too many videos and is in a shredding mood, mum is exhausted and the kids have no intention of spending the day climbing hills. E-Mountainbikes can be a true weekend saver and also make our little one’s life a little brighter.

Who isn’t familiar with this picture? The kids can’t stop whingeing and would rather spend the day glued to the Playstation rather than being outdoors, or are simply too young to go for a long bike ride with mum and dad. Being an active, sporty parent is not always as easy as it seems and leads to some major dilemmas. You’re dreaming of spending at least a few hours in the saddle, but at the same time you’d love some quality time with your little ones… and then there is also your pooch giving you dirty looks because he hasn’t been out yet. How can we manage all of this? Lack of motivation and different levels of skills and fitness are the main obstacles to a harmonious family outing.

Are E-Mountainbikes the ultimate solution for kids?

Let’s face it, Kids are truly fascinated by E-Mountainbikes. For our kid’s imagination a motor becomes a super-power. Now combine the initial fascination and the gift of a super-power and you’ll end up with the optimal antidote for whining, frustration and strops. The result is a perfect recipe for motivation!

An E-Mountainbike drastically reduces the much dreaded skill and performance gaps, allowing kids to enjoy a 30 km bike ride, while keeping up with the grown-ups. The safety aspect is taken care of by specially tailored engine-settings. These settings allow fading out of the motor at a more adequate speed of 20 km/h and provide for a smoother power transfer. Concern over the e-bikes being too heavy for children has been proven unfounded. More technical trails are obviously out of question, but the higher weight actually proves to be an advantage for stability and grip on normal trails.

Could E-Bikes be a recipe for laziness?

The full question should be, “How can we make the snapchat-generation feel enthusiastic about sports and outdoor activity again?”. Social media, Playstation and smartphone-games are highly addictive. And it’s this new interactive media that represent the real threat to any sort of healthy outdoor activity or sports. Playstation-bans and cycling “prescriptions” might help in isolated cases, but are not an ideal long term solution. The proven “Turn off the Playstation and let’s go for a bike ride”- approach won’t be effective in the long run. And yes, kids mostly love having fun! And once they found something that is fun, they tend to stick to it. And what is more fun than E-Mountainbiking?

Let’s put it this way. If we were talking in terms of addiction, E-Mountainbikes would represent the perfect gateway drug with high addiction potential and the power to make family life way more active, harmonious and fun, as our long term experiment proved. A long ride with the kids at normal pace is not a distant dream anymore, it’s just become reality. Evening dog walk? Yup, the kids are coming too. Playstation-binge or bike ride? E-Mountainbiking!

On the following pages we’ll introduce you to three exciting E-Mountainbike models: