Whether it’s discussing a universal charging plug, debating the scrapping of the 25 km/h speed restriction or launching an anti-tuning campaign, the expectations for the E-MOUNTAINBIKE Think Tank were running high after its last edition in October 2016. But what is a realistic approach to these issues? How should we organise ourselves and what stance should we take? To answer these questions, the major representatives of the E-Mountainbike-Industry met in the inspiring city of Berlin at the beginning of March.

After drawing up the “San Vigilio-Protocol” in our first E-MOUNTAINBIKE Think Tank in San Vigilio/South Tyrol, again we invited representatives from the major E-Mountainbike brands to discuss and exchange opinions in Berlin. The inspiring backdrop of the German capital helped to shape the foundations of the E-MOUNTAINBIKE Think Tank, opening new perspectives towards its future. We were excited to see many familiar faces from St. Vigil and were delighted to welcome a number of new representatives from the industry.

What were the results of our meeting in Berlin?

The San-Vigilio-Protocol already perfectly summarized the manifesto of the E-MOUNTAINBIKE Think Tank and the Berlin-meeting offered the perfect opportunity to outline its formal and legal conditions. After an extremely constructive and enthusiastic first day of meetings and discussions, the first important decisions were made.

One of our most important resolutions was that the E-MOUNTAINBIKE Think Tank won’t become a politically-active interest group, i.e. it’s not actively trying to change the 25-km/h-rule because this would mean that the Think Tank’s actions would be limited to Germany or require pan-European or even global activities that go far beyond our core skills.

As an international magazine and organiser of the E-MOUNTAINBIKE Think Tank, we believe our mission is offering a neutral platform for the industry, the E-Mountainbikers (our readers!) as well as for the tourism and trade-sectors. This way we want to facilitate an open, constructive and visionary exchange with all the experts in the field. Our goals: promoting networking and a healthy development of the still young E-Mountainbike sector. The results of the Think Tank won’t be binding, but aim to provide indicative guidelines and embody a statement of intent for the participating companies (i.e. against tuning).

More and more manufacturers want to be part of the ever growing E-Mountainbike market. While witnessing the current surge of new E-Mountainbike-specific products, offers and events, we feel more than ever the need to round up the most important players to discuss and tackle all the important challenges and possibilities.

The goal of the E-MOUNTAINBIKE Think Tank is to engage in exciting exchanges with the driving forces of the E-Mountainbike-industry and create captivating reports about the hottest topics and newest trends. A positive outcome from Berlin is our revised tuning-article, which on a monthly basis reaches over 5,000 tuning-interested readers, informing them about possible risks and dangers. Or our report exposing the truth behind lab and range tests, finally shedding light over the true significance of battery range and test-practices.

The next E-MOUNTAINBIKE Think Tank will be taking place in August in our headquarters in Leonberg, Stuttgart. Please contact Max-Philip Schmitt for any information, suggestions or requests: mpschmitt@ebike-mtb.com

Many thanks to the organisers of the “Berliner Fahrradschau” for providing the gorgeous venue!

Words: Robin Schmitt Photos: Christoph Bayer